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Our Ministries

Sunday School- 10:00am Sundays                                  Worship- 11:00am Sundays


Music Ministry-see page


Youth Groups- see page


Church Groups- see page


Other Opportunities to Serve:




Dieners, male and female, are officially appointed “servants” of the congregation. The dieners serve at the request of the Board of Elders at lovefeasts, baptisms, and other special worship services. Our traditional wardrobe is for a female diener to wear a white blouse and black skirt with a white doily atop her head and a male diener wears a shirt and tie and dress slacks.




An important ministry here at King Moravian Church is gifted to us each week by our team of Ushers. Ushers ensure the proper flow of each worship service and other special services throughout the year. They greet us at the doors, pass out bulletins and other information, disperse the Ritual of Friendship pads, collect offerings and tithes, and otherwise assist church members and visitors when needed. We encourage all of our members, young people, men, women and older adults, to consider serving as an Usher.





King Moravian Church’s mission statement reflects our call to ministry….”Children of God Serving Others in the Spirit of Christ.” We deeply value the purpose and experience involved in our mission work here at our own church, in our community and throughout our world and we strive to provide opportunities for everyone, including our children, to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  This year we celebrate the ninth anniversary of our Share the Blessing Mission Blitz.  This annual event includes many area churches working together on home improvements for those in need in our community.  We hope that you will find an experience here that will strengthen your faith as you serve others in the Spirit of Christ. 

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