Our Purpose

King Moravian Preschool exists to provide our community with a high quality early childhood program that celebrates the image of God in each child and provides each child with a safe place to explore, create, question and learn.


Our Philosophy

We believe that children learn experientially. We approach teaching by designing activities that take into account individual needs, the interest of the child, community concerns and spirituality.

Our teachers create a nurturing environment in which love of learning is fostered through process oriented activities with an emphasis on cooperation with peers, developing independence, enhancing motor skills, encouraging creative thinking and enhancing self esteem. We encourage learning by using children’s natural curiosity and creating an environment in which opportunities for investigation and choice making are provided.

Parents are a vital part of our learning environment. We welcome parents into our classrooms as observers at any time and encourage them to share their special interests and talents with us.

In keeping with King Moravian’s extensive mission tradition, we emphasize cultural diversity while celebrating the unique human spirit.


King Moravian Preschool Staff

Our staff is uniquely qualified and gifted for ministry with young children and lead by Tina Pratt, our Preschool Director.

Our teaching staff all holds their North Carolina Early Childhood Credential. They are all loving, enthusiastic and experienced in working with young children. They design Creative Curriculum experiences based on the interests and developmental tasks of the children in their

All staff members participate in an ongoing professional development program. We remain alert to the every changing needs of today’s families and findings of current research.

We provide small classes to insure children benefit from personal attention, safety and enjoyment while learning and playing. Our low teacher/child ration facilitates positive relationships between teachers, children and families.


Preschool Programs


6-24 months

Group Size: 6

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Group

Tuesday/Thursday Group



Children must be 2 by August 31, 2013

Group Size: 8

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Group

Tuesday/Thursday Group



Children must be 3 by August 31, 2013

Group Size: 12

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Group

Tuesday/Thursday Group



Children must be 4 by August 31, 2013

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Group

Tuesday/Thursday Group

Five Day Group


Transitional Kindergarten

Children must have completed our four-year-old curriculum or be 5 by August 31, 2013.

Developmental Curriculum designed to build literacy, number, motor and social-emotional skills in a creative, supportive environment. Offers children the extra time they need to grow.


Scholarship Programs

King Moravian Preschool is open to all children. We do not want any child to miss a quality early childhood experience for financial reasons.

King Moravian Church supports a Preschool Scholarship Program. Applications for this program are available in the preschool office.


Office Phone: (336) 983-4003





228 W Dalton Rd
King, NC 27021

Call us:
Phone: (336) 283-5322

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