Youth Groups

Junior Youth Group (children in grades K-5th)

Middle School Youth Group (youth in grades 6-8th)

Senior High Youth Group (youth in grades 9-12th)

Throughout the year, these groups…..

  • Study scripture as it pertains to their personal lives and current events
  • Participate in special missions and ministry projects
  • Attend church, community and provincial events
  • Enjoy fellowship and fun trips

We are grateful to our leaders and everyone who supports our youth ministries. The time our youth share together is such an important part of their spiritual growth. Please contact Paula Hall, DCE at hallgrabs@windstream.net or check the weekly announcement sheet for scheduling information.


Women’s Fellowship

All women of the church are considered members of the Women’s Fellowship. Currently the larger group is divided into four smaller groups, known as “circles,” which are made up of a variety of age groups and use various materials for Biblical based devotions and prayers. The groups also are involved in many mission projects throughout the year. The current Circles are:

  • Circle of Hope
  • Circle of Joy
  • Circle of Help
  • Circle of Faith
  • The Day Circle

Each Circle group meets monthly at someone’s home, at a local location or at the church. The groups encourage spiritual growth, missions and service both inside and outside our congregation. They collectively sponsor the annual Fall Bazaar in October of each year. The community is invited to come enjoy breakfast and lunch, Attic Treasures, baked and canned goods and local arts and crafts. They also coordinate the annual Chicken Pie sale as well. All proceeds of their fundraising efforts are shared with individuals and agencies in missions and the ongoing ministries of King Moravian Church.


Men’s Fellowship

All men of King Moravian Church are invited to be a part of the Men’s Fellowship group. Currently the Men’s Fellowship does not have a regular meeting schedule, but they do sponsor the annual Brunswick Stew which coincides with the Fall Bazaar. The Men gather to peel the vegetables and prepare the meat, then fellowship around the large black stew pots as they stir the stew all night before the Bazaar. They are ready for sales the next morning. All proceeds from the stew sales are given to agencies in missions and the ongoing ministries of King Moravian Church.


Senior Friends

Our Senior Friends are the older adults of King Moravian Church. The group usually gathers once a month for planned day trips, fellowship, and prayer. Check the announcement sheet in your worship bulletin for details.

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Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, please check local listings on WXII Channel 12 for possible cancellation of church services or events. We will also update the front page of this website and attempt to send out e-mail notifications, so please make sure we have an updated e-mail address!